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About Us

Elite Construction Company is an Afghan firm with a proven track record of delivering results on design/build projects in Afghanistan. Elite has repeatedly demonstrated the strong project management credentials and technical capabilities necessary to produce results in Afghanistan. We have done this by consistently meeting aggressive construction schedules while delivering superior quality products to our DoD, USAID, Afghan government, and other private clients. Our hard work is generating results that strengthen our position as one of the leading Afghan contractor in the country.

Our Services

Elite’s management team and management plan are structured to safely and successfully design and build infrastructure projects in Afghanistan. Elite’s strategy is built on indigenous and expatriate talent & knowledge. Specifically, we can mobilize as many as 500 people almost immediately. By organizing local Afghan expertise with expatriate Afghan talent, we believe this approach provides the most expeditious and efficient results. Elite team members function efficiently in the current environment of bureaucratic idiosyncrasies and weak regional administrations of the government. Moreover, Elite team members function comfortably within the present security context in different parts of the country, in order to fully support the re-building of our Nation and our Government.

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